Comunicati | 21 Dicembre 2016 | Fabio Ciarla


We could not wait until Spring; we could not wait until ASTRAL was repaired. Winter is coming and the presence of NGOs decreases sharply in the area. However, many people continue to launch themselves into the sea at the hands of the smugglers as the only way out. For that reason, and because it is our priority, we are back.

We made the promise to not to leave any life adrift and we will keep it. In just 4 months we have rescued 15,000 lives and with your support, we will continue to save more.

This Christmas time, while half the world celebrates, countless people will risk their lives fleeing persecution and war. Despite everything, we will be there because they need us, so that their lives can continue.

This winter we are setting sail to the Central Mediterranean on board the Golfo Azzurro, an old reconverted fishing boat, which has a 42m length  and 8m width. It is a large capacity vessel that will transport two RIB boats, which already carried out support tasks. It will take us back off the coast of Libya. Our crew consists of four lifeguards, two captains, a medical team, a mission chief and a sailor-cook, who will shift every 15 days.

We have made slight adaptations on board, such as the reorganization of the medicalized area and updating the communications system. Due to the low temperatures this time of the year, a partially heated and covered attention area has been prepared.

A year ago we could not imagine how far we were going to get, and we have succeeded with your support. Thanks to that, we’re going one step further and we will continue to inform and help many more migrants at the sea. Just this year alone, at least 4,899 people died from drowning.


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