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APENO launched a new category that innovates the concept of Wine Tourism. Companies in the sector based in an urban environment will now also be awarded. 

On the 24th of May, the third edition of the Portuguese Wine Tourism Award (PNE) will be held, promoted by the Portuguese Wine Tourism Association (APENO). As the concept of Wine Tourism in the European Charter proves to be outdated, APENO takes the lead in redefining the concept, including the emerging Urban Wine Tourism. This concept covers not only wineries (which can be located in an urban environment), but also urban establishments such as wine stores, wine bars, hotels and restaurants which, by providing quality experiences, promote wine and its history. «The concept of Wine Tourism in the European Wine Tourism Charter, which is not even official, is completely outdated, as it only considers wine tourism companies in rural environments. Wine tourism has also existed for a long time in an urban environment in cities, towns or even villages, creating a very interesting dynamic that supports the evolution of the sector», explains the executive president of APENO, Maria João de Almeida. 

The first edition of the PNE took place in 2022 in Lisbon, and in 2023 it was held in Redondo. The next location will be revealed shortly, on January 31st, at the ‘2nd Meeting of Wine Tourism Professionals’, at the European University, in Lisbon. «I can’t reveal yet where the Portuguese Wine Tourism Award event will take place, but I can say that this year it will highlight a different destination. Whenever possible, we want to continue traveling around the country, decentralizing and giving opportunities to other places to host this event, which is already the biggest reference in the sector at a national level'”, concluded Maria João de Almeida. 

The Portuguese Wine Tourism Award was created with the aim of promoting, encouraging and distinguishing the best projects in the Wine Tourism sector. In this third edition of the Portuguese Wine Tourism Award, the aim is to reward Portuguese businesses/projects that stand out as success stories. Thus, in addition to the Best Urban Wine Tourism Award, the remaining categories are Best Hospitality, Best Innovation and Technology, Best Art and Culture, Best Store, Best Sustainable Project, Best Inclusive Project, Best Tourism Company, Best Tasting Room, Best Sommelier, Best Chef, Best Restaurant, Best Stay, Best Professional and Best wine tourism in Portugal. 

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Source: press office Apeno

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